Vaerus Technology Supports the 5250 Foundation

5250 Foundation funds projects in Utah as well in other select locations worldwide, which are evaluated for their measurable, direct, and immediate impact in areas where individual and organizational missions align with our annual focus.  

 5250 Foundation is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in need. We are honored and humbled to be able to provide funds to a small portion of the many non-profit organizations that are doing this work.  

 While the foundation’s mission provides flexibility for it to meet wide-ranging societal needs and support a variety of non-profit organizations, its major areas of interest are community, youth, education, and human services.  

 5250 Foundation is seeking to provide funding to non-profit organizations that will be pivotal to the organization's ability to expand, create new services or otherwise support people in need.

Focus Areas 

  • Community 
  • Youth 
  • Education 
  • Human Services 

Grant Guidelines:

Grant requests must follow the guidelines listed below:

  • 5250 Foundationmakes grants in the areas of community, youth programs, education, and human services.
  • Grants are for organizations serving those in the Southwestern US but can expand to other areas based on mission alignment.
  • Organizations must submit their 501(c)(3) document under the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Grant requests must be for programs that improve the quality of life for the community and individuals with measurable results.
  • Grants may be awarded for capital campaigns, special projects or programs, staffing, and general operations.
  • Grant requests must show a need for the request, its impact, and effectiveness.
  • Organizations need to demonstrate good leadership, financial stability, and organizational historical data, upon request.

How to Apply: 

Applying for a grant is done through an online form. To apply, follow the steps below:

  • Review the grant guidelinesto ensure you qualify for a grant from 5250 Foundation.
  • Click here to access the grant application form. Please include all requested information and documentation.

If you have any questions about how to use the online form, please contact Lindsey Petersen at